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MapFinder: Overview


MapFinder provides online mapping solutions for businesses in New Zealand.

The hosted mapping application combines customer data with GIS map information and other spatial data to provide a rich and easy to use map interface. With MapFinder visitors to your website can easily find the answer to questions like where is your nearest outlet to my work? Am I within the service coverage area of this business? Is a property within the School Zone of a school?
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How it works
You upload data you want to use in your mapping application. These could be store locations, accommodation listings, or any other geographic areas / shapes. The upload can be done manually through a web form, or can be scheduled for automatic updates.

The addresses in the listing are geocoded determine coordinates for each listing. Once the data has been geo-coded and loaded into the icepick system it is available for display in the mapping application.

You include icepick html code to embed the mapping application in your website. This allows you to specify which listings to show on the map. Users can pan around the map, zoom in and out and click on the map pins to display summary detail of the listings & link to the full listing.

* Geographic Areas
One of the big advantages to the system is the management of areas / shapes. Shapes are complex geographical areas (we support ESRI and MapInfo formats) that we can display and use for comparison.

You can see areas displayed on the map, you can define the colour and look, you can compare addresses to the area. i.e like house in school zone or customer in service area.

The cost of using the hosted mapping and events system is based on a small monthly fee depending on what services are used.

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